We are focused on small & medium sized companies throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries in Africa. We are customer orientated – we build our processes to fit your individual needs. We handle monthly, weekly and bi-weekly payrolls.

We keep ourselves up to date with current legislations by attending regular payroll seminars ensuring compliance is always met and adhered to.

W ensure compliance with all payroll authorities are adhered to. Performing of monthly and annual submissions and statements are checked numerous times ensuring payments are done in time avoiding penalties.

We also act as representative of client at all payroll authorities and 3rd party funds, handling any queries arising and resolving any matters appearing. We will also gather all information needed for processing and provide reports required by other parties.

Payrolls are checked against all input received and schedules sent to client for checking and approval to ensure accuracy of payroll run. Once approved finalised reports are prepared and sent. These reports are used to assist finance with payments and balancing of accounting entries needed to be made ensuring accountability of payroll processed.

We also provide assistance with audits performed providing any supporting documents, calculations or explanations required from auditors.

All payrolls are processed in timeliness manner ensuring required documents and files are provided to client to process payments before deadlines have passed.

We work in a paperless environment where all input is received electronically and stored electronically by us. Employee's documents are saved on individual electronic files which client has access to.

Our main focus and dedication are on payroll activities allowing us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, accurate, complaint, error free payroll possible giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on their core business activities.