S.A Payroll Support Services

Compliance and support role provided.

Payroll activities performed by client and we provide support on system where assistance with how to perform tasks are given and system setup and maintenance is done by us. Monthly payroll processed checks and filling of supporting documents related filled on system by us. We perform all statutory submissions and ensure compliance is met with all authorities Reporting required and payroll control reports are prepared by us and provided to client. We will also provide client with all extracts required to uploads to other parties. (Bank payment file, Accounts GL, other)

Payroll Support Service

-We act as a compliance and system supportive agent,
-All system maintenance, setup of new payroll entries, creation of reports, rules, calculations ex (background payroll structure) is done b us.
-Processing of payroll input and changes, loading starters, terminations and other monthly payroll activities is done by client. We will provide support where client needs any or gets stuck and is unsure what actions is required on system.
-Client emails input processed when done which we will then check on system ensuring correctly processed and will file documents on employee's files.
-Once client and us are satisfied payroll is completed we will accept payroll and provide bank upload files required for payment.
-Month end reports is extracted from system by client.
-Submissions (monthly bi-annual and annual) are done by Us.
-We will provide one on one training on system and work through monthly process ensuring you are able to perform all activities required on system.

The system we use is completely cloud based and accessible from anywhere. They are also certified with all security certifications required. It is really a user friendly system with allot of functionality accessible. See link for more information on the www.psiberworks.com

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