Full Functioning Payroll Service


We provide the following services for monthly, weekly and bi-weekly payrolls.

Payroll process

- Load & process new employees on payroll / hr system.

- Terminate resigned/dismissed employees on PR/HR system

- Processing of monthly changes & input (includes normal hours, overtime, loans, garnishees, commissions, shift allowances, leave forms, etc.)

- Mass adjustments processed by means of electronic uploads/imports e.g. - Overtime, increases,

- Maintain & keep an electronic personnel file on system

- Fixed term contract management

- Maternities, salary calculations and UIF forms prepared.

- 3rd party fund administration

- Monthly salary and 3rd party payments performed.

- Employee leave management


- Monthly submissions: include SARS EMP201, U-filing, declarations to dept of labour.

- Bi-annual submissions: include SARS interim EMP501 and IRP5's

- Annual submissions: include SARS annual EMP501 and IRP5's, COIDA/RMA annual return of earnings.

- Other statutory activities include application of tax numbers, tax directives in the case of retrenchments.

- We also deal directly with dept of labour in the case were an terminated employee is experiencing difficulties with UIF claim.

Information Accessibility

- Depending on client's needs, level of accessibility varies depended on requirement from client.

- Employee self-service (ESS) employees, managers and user type profiles can be set up using different permission and rules as required and laid out by client.

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- Take on / Termination / Maternity Packages:

These email packages consist of mandatory documentation required by the employee, the department of labour, and future employers.

- Electronic personnel files:

the system allows for the maintenance of personnel files electronically. These files are accessible by the employee or the client via the employment self-service (ESS) portal.

- Employees & service providers:

any problems that employees encounter is resolved through our client-focused interactions. Service providers are also dealt with directly, on a client-specific basis.

- Dummy payslips:

provided to assist hr department in making offers to new employees in requested.

- Employment equity (EE) assistance:

the system provides for the maintenance of job grades, job titles, and job levels. This will assist the company with employment equity reporting. Eea2 & eea4 reports can be provided, which gives all the required information for reporting.

- Skills development (SDL) assistance:

the hr system caters for the capturing of training records. Various reports can be provided to assist with the reporting required by different seta organisations. This aids the organisation in claiming skills levies.


ESS is set up according to client specified accessibility, the following actions can be made available to employees;

• Dashboard --- detailed leave balance

• Employee information --- personal -, banking -, address, spouse, contact details

•Company information --- basic company info, phone book

• Financials --- payslips, tax certificates (irp5)

• Leave management --- leave request, leave history

• Appraisals --- current appraisal, appraisal history

• Payment requests --- new payment request, payment history

• Loans & savings --- apply for loan/savings, loan/savings history

• Assets & equipment --- private/company vehicles, clothing, equipment

• Gifts --- gifts, history

• Tickets --- ticket entitlement, ticket history

• Calendar --- upcoming events for selected period

Employees will be able to access ESS via web using link or Smartphone using Android app or iPhone to access


PSiberworks payroll and HR Administration modules

• Payroll system

• Human resources system

• Maintenance of assets

• Maintenance of qualifications/training/performance

• Employee self service

• Leave management

• Employment equity reporting


Small to medium-sized companies that require assistance with implementing basic human resource practices to avoid unnecessary employee dissatisfaction and to ensure adherence to the basic conditions of employment can request limited assistance with the following:

• Policies & Procedures,

• Mandatory documents,

• Guideline for induction processes, exits, non-compliant employees, etc.,

• Templates for warnings, leave applications etc. Will be supplied,

• HR module,

• Onsite training.

By implementing the following hr requirements clients are able to manage the human resource independently within the framework of the basic conditions of employment.

Note: companies that require management procedures to manage the human resources, generally larger companies, will need to employ a human resource manager or outsource this function.