Offshore Payroll Services

Just a brief summary of services we provide for our offshore clients with local S.A employees,

-We ensure employee’s are compliant under S.A payroll related laws.
-We will run payroll as a separate division of Payfocus therefore the processing of payroll monthly is done as a separate payroll and all your information is kept and processed separately from others and handled as a individual business.
-With all submissions and activities with payroll authorities employee will be reported under Payfocus as a employee of ours. Only required information is consolidated with ours for submission of returns.
-Employee will be seen as a Payfocus employee at all payroll authorities and we will be responsible for the completion and payment related to payroll for employees.
-We will only act as a compliance agent and not a labour broker.

-Employee employment contract will be with you (or your daughter company)
-All employment terms and benefits are set by you.
-Management of employee work tasks is also done by yourselves.

-Separate contract between yourselves and Payfocus will be created were we will take responsibility of performing payroll obligated activities required in S.A.

-There will be No contract between us and employee and we will only communicate with him directly regarding payroll queries if you have given us the OK to do so otherwise all communication will go through you.

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