Human resource information system (HRIS) administration service functionality

The human resource information system is a comprehensive hr information & administration system, catering for SME's as well as corporate users, within which all legal & statutory and labour requirements are satisfied.

We do not offer any services in this module, we only provide our clients the opportunity to make use off this functionality in system we are using by informing them of availability in system which is at their disposal.

We encourage our clients to make use of all functions in system as this will provide them with accurate reports and assist hr with completing their duties with more ease in a more timeliness manner.

The following HRIS reports are available in this module:

- absenteeism statistics, leave liability etc

- Labour turnover, termination reports

- NQF, training and skills matrixes

- Workplace skills plan

- Employment equity statistics and compliance reports

- Personnel reports

- Quick enquiries

Other HRIS functionality in this module:

- Workplace skills plan

- Employment equity reporting

- Customized templates for easy capturing I.E. Performance appraisals

- Mass capture facility for mass training, medical examinations and disciplinary actions

- On-screen forms (to print hard-copy and update etc)