Compliance Assistance Service

We provide assistance and perform measures required in order for client to achieve compliance with regulatory authorities for payroll obligations. We assist with registration with each regulating body. (SARS, Dept of Labour, COIDA, RMA). We also assist with completion of submissions obligated to be performed (EMP201,IRP5,EMP501,UIF Declarations, Return of Earnings) for each type of tax (PAYE,UIF,SDL,COIDA). Where compliance is not met due to tax seasons pasted we will recon and perform actions required in order to correct and meet compliance.

Registrations at the below payroll legal entities are done ;

-UIF dept of Labour
-COIDA (Workmen's Compensations)

Compliance matters handled for below

SARS (relevant to PAYE, UIF and SDL)
-Previous tax years submissions (IRP5, EMP501) if no submissions where done we will do submissions to get up to date overall
-Previous tax years corrections (IRP5, EMP501) where submissions have been done, but changes to submissions are required in order to reflect correct amounts on IRP5's or EMP501
-Current tax year submissions (EMP201)
-Where monthly returns have not been submitted backdated returns will be processed and submitted
UIF dept of Labour (relevant to UIF)
-If no declarations where submitted we will submit required documents in order to declare backdated UIF contributions that where made for each employee
-Backdated returns of earnings declared for each year to meet compliance in order to receive letter of good standing
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