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COIDA (Workmens Compensation) Claims for staff infected at work place.

Occupationally-acquired COVID-19 resulting from single or multiple exposures to confirmed case(s) of COVID-19 in the workplace or after an official trip to high-risk countries or areas in a previously COVID-19-free individual.

A claim for occupationally-acquired COVID-19 shall clearly be set out as contemplated in and provided for in sections 65 and 66 of the COID Act.

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[KNPDF-0n27342x0] COIDA Regulations towards COVID virus
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Covid-19 has been declared an occupational disease. If an employee is absent due to contracting the Coronavirus out of and in the course of his or her employment, it will not be regarded as sick leave. Instead it would be covered in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act of 1993 (COIDA). The employee must as soon as possible after the commencement of a disease give written notice thereof to his or her employer or to the employer where he or she was last employed, and he or she may also give written notice of the said disease in the prescribed manner to the compensation commissioner. Thereafter, a further process needs to be followed by the employer and a medical practitioner (which we won't elaborate on in this post.)

If, however, it cannot be shown that the Coronavirus was contracted in the course of the employee's employment, any period of absence as a result of being infected will be regarded as sick leave.


Temporary total disablement (TTD)

Payment for temporary total disablement shall be made for confirmed COVID-19 for as long as such disablement continues or Maximum Medical Improvement has been reached, but not for a period exceeding 24 months.

Medical Aid

In all accepted cases of COVID-19, medical aid shall be provided for a period of not more than 30 days from the date of diagnosis. Further medical aid will be considered if it will reduce the extent of the disablement.

Death Benefits

Reasonable burial expenses, widow's and dependent's pensions shall be payable, where applicable, that means if the cause of death has direct nexus to the reported COVID-19 Claim.


[KNPDF-9d27340o4] COIDA EComp Easy Guide
[KNPDF-0n27342x0] COIDA Regulations towards COVID virus
[KNPDF-ao27343ae] RMA Submission Guide

Online claims for Covid-19 must be made through the following channels, indicating the correct ICD-10 code — U07.1:

Compensation Fund: CornpEasy (

Rand Mutual Assurance: CornpCare (

Federated Employers Mutual: IMS (

Submission of manual claims for COVID-19 must be sent to these email addresses:

Compensation Fund: or phone 0860 105 350

Rand Mutual Assurance: or phone 086 022 2132

Federated Employers Mutual: or phone 011 359 4300


a) Employer's Report of an Occupational Disease (W CL.1)

b) Notice of an Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation (W.CL.14)

c) Exposure and Medical Questionnaire

d) First Medical Report in respect of an Occupational Disease (W.CL 22) indicating U07.1 as the ICD -10 code for Covid -19

e) Exposure History (W.CL. 110) and /or any other appropriate employment history which may include any information that may be helpful to the Compensation Commissioner.

f) A medical report on the employee's symptoms that details the history, establishes a diagnosis of COVID -19 and laboratory results and chest radiographs where appropriate or any other information relevant to the claim.

g) For each consultation, a Progress Medical Report (W.CL. 26).

h) Final Medical Report in respect of an Occupational Disease (W.CL.26) when the employee's condition has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

i) An affidavit by the employee if employer cannot be traced or will not timeously supply a W.CL.1, where applicable.

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