Enterprising Focus trading as Payfocus is an outsourced payroll service provider located in South Africa.

Our team consists of 5 dedicated ladies who all take allot of pride in their work. Services performed are done in the most accurate, timely, reliable and complete manner possible.

Payroll processes followed by our team is built around each individual clients needs, business requirements and operations. A Set of standard controls are performed on each payroll processed detecting were error's have been processed, fraud has taken place and changes made are correct with records supporting changes are stored for future reference. These controls are improved continuously maintaining their effectiveness and have been proven to be one of our key tools in delivering the most accurate and error free payrolls.


We provide an outsourcing payroll service too small to medium business. Our main focus and dedication are on payroll activities allowing us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive accurate complaint error free payroll possible giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on their business activities knowing their payroll is taken care of and in good order. We keep ourselves up to date with current legislations by attending regular payroll seminars ensuring compliance is always met and adhered to.
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We have a customer orientated approach which provides for any company specific processes to be implemented in our processes allowing us to cater to the individual needs of the customer. We workshop all payroll processes and activities together with client to ensure all clients' needs are understood and met while ensuring all legal related payroll obligations and actions are adhered to.
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Reliability – providing services that are timeliness with consistent application of policies and procedures .

Confidentiality - Protecting and preserving all client and employee information, ensuring that only appropriate persons have access to it

Transparency – providing full accurate and timely disclosure of information.

Accountability – being answerable for the correct and thorough completion of services delivered

Integrity – Being honest and ethical providing sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty

Fairness – Being fair and reasonable in all client and partner relationships, disclosing any and all conflicts of interest when applicable

Diligence – service provided in a prompt and thorough manner acting diligently and in the best interest of our clients ons are adhered to.



We only keep the size of total payrolls provided limited to a size we can manage not taking on more payrolls than our current staff can handle ensuring we do not loose touch with our current clients and always allowing us to hold on to the personal relationships formed with them.


Client’s individual processes, needs and requirements are taken in account while mapping service for that specific client. We are flexible to add other activities client requests to our standard process


Providing services which are only related to payroll grants us to be fully focused on what the best payroll practices are and to keep up with any and all payroll affecting changes happening legally and with improved processing methods ensuring we remain specialists in the field of payroll .


We charge an all-inclusive payroll fee with no hidden costs. All payroll services (monthly and annual activities) are included in this cost.


NO HIDDEN COSTS. All inclusive payroll service fee. (No penalty charges, no submission fees) All payroll activities included in quoted price.

FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL SUPPORT. Friendly advise and support is provided by all members in our team. Our team is here to help you when you need assistance and advise.

WE WORK WITH YOU. We work our deadlines around your business operations. We set our payroll dates around your processes and what dates you are able to provide information.

LOW TO MOSTLY NO STAFF QUERIES. Our processes have been designed over the years to ensure payroll processing and service provided is as accurate and error free possible. We hardly ever receive queries from staff regarding payrolls processed.

SUPPORT WITH FUTURE PAYROLL EXPLANATIONS NEEDED. We keep record of all instructions and supporting documents received affecting payroll. We also prepare a set of reports for finalised payroll where control actions are performed ensuring all payroll amounts balance and supporting reports are provided to client and kept by us on secure location. If needed to we can refer back to all sources and provide feedback with reason and supporting docs.

RECON CONTROLS PERFORMED ENSURING PAYROLL ACCOUNTABILITY AND CORRECTNESS. Our standard controls developed has been proven to be a key tool in delivering the most accurate and error free payrolls.


PSIber is a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) platform that offers our users a flexible and comprehensive solution for the day to day administration and management of human capital in the workplace.


The platform offers you a full payroll administration, management, and reporting facility that ensures you meet all your legislative and compliance requirements in South Africa and many other African countries.

The payroll module is built on the back end of BEST PRACTICE ensuring your businesses compliance by simply using the technology.


The PSIber tax structuring tool which has all the relevant and up to date tax rules built into it. This module assists Employees with structuring their own packages and HR departments to structure potential employees packages more efficiently, furthermore, it ensures that your business employs within budget.


PSIber Offers a sophisticated HR management tool that helps companies achieve their organisation’s goals. With functionality that includes Organograms, Job Descriptions, Training Management, Performance Management and many other functions in the Human Capital lifecycle.

In addition, the HCM tools incorporate powerful recording and reporting facilities that assist businesses with strategic decision making as well as managing employees from recruitment to retirement.


Ensuring the safety and security of our platform and our clients’ data is one of our PRIMARY concerns. It is for this reason that we have embarked on the journey to be ISO27001 compliant. The ISO27001specification ensures that our organisations’ information risk management processes are in line with the ISMS framework of policies and procedures including all PSIber’s legal, physical and technical controls.


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