Monthly Payroll Processing

Load & process new employees on payroll / HR system.

Terminate resigned/dismissed employees on PR/HR System

Processing of monthly changes & input (includes normal hours, overtime, loans, garnishees, commissions, shift allowances, leave forms, etc.)

Mass adjustments processed by means of electronic uploads/imports e.g. - Overtime, increases,

Maintain & Keep an electronic personnel file on system

Employee leave management

Fixed term Contract management. Management of contract ending and renewal periods by notifying client of contract ends coming up.

Maternities, salary calculations and UIF forms prepared.

3rd Party fund administration – we manage all fund requirements and deal with fund administrators directly if client prefers. We will ensure all contributions are processed / calculated correctly as per billing/fund rules. We will also handle and agree with funds on how to handle late membership contributions and other difference that could appear. Billings/schedules required by fund at month end is provided as per fund requirements.

Monthly salary and 3rd party payments can be done on client's behalf via EFT. If client performs own payments an upload file is provided to client which can be imported to client's bank together with payment method summary/release which can be used to balance with payments with payroll.


Monthly submissions done, and statements are checked to ensure compliance.

Monthly submissions include – SARS EMP201(PAYE,UIF,SDL); Ufilling (UIF); Declarations (Dept of Labour)

Monthly statutory payments can be made on clients behalf or were client manages own payments we will create payment instructions from tax portals which is then released from clients bank.

Bi-Annual Submissions done

Bi-Annual Submissions include – Interim IRP5's to SARS (Easyfile)

Annual Submissions are declared, and statuses and account statements are checked for compliance. Proof of compliance documents are provided once available.

Annual submissions include – Year End IRP5's to SARS (Easyfile) – Employee IRP5's and EMP501 submitted with status completed messages provided once completed.

Annual submissions include - COIDA/RMA annual return and payment – Letter of good standing provided once complaint and available.

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