ESS is set up according to client specified accessibility, of what employees can view/modify/delete. Profile can allow access to the below main tabs for which further navigation rules will also be set.

DASHBOARD – Detailed leave balance

EMPLOYEE INFORMATION – Personal -, Banking -, Address, Spouse, Contact Details

COMPANY INFORMATION – Basic Company Info, Phone Book

FINANCIALS – Payslips, Tax Certificates (IRP5)

LEAVE MANAGEMENT – Leave Request, Leave History

APPRAISALS – Current Appraisal, Appraisal History

PAYMENT REQUESTS – New Payment Request, Payment History

LOANS & SAVINGS – Apply for Loan/Savings, Loan/Savings History

ASSETS & EQUIPMENT – Private/Company vehicles, Clothing, Equipment

GIFTS – Gifts, History

TICKETS – Ticket Entitlement, Ticket History

CALENDAR – Upcoming events for selected period

Access ESS via web using link or

Smartphone using Andriod App and is also

available for Iphones